“Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady”

Its funny what you turns up out of the blue. Here is a game made in 1929 – “Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady” – a simple roll and move game but devilishly harsh on the players. We’re looking to provide it with a modern spin on the mechanics to take it away from the pure chance nature of the game. So watch this space.
2015-03-07 19.30.32


But First of course – is bringing Mazemaster to all out backers. Check out our Kickstarter Page for the next up date.

A New Chapter In Weaver will begin…

Good Evening One and All

Weaver has been quiet for some time now. “Why?” do I here you ask. Well the answer is simple, straight forward, and with lashings of complexity.

Shortly after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, Weaver experienced a rather significant shake up – resulting in the company going from a team of two to a single man band owing to differences in views as to how the Company should progress. As a result, manpower was very much limited, and it was decided that efforts should be put into the following:-

a. Bringing Mazemaster to the backers, and to the world in general

b. Advancing the next game to a point that it could follow on from Mazemaster smoothly.

c. Building on existing professional relationships to set up the future of the company.

By extension, social media and other events have been placed very much towards the bottom of the list of priorities, as anyone who runs a blog and active social media pages will appreciate the time it takes to maintain efficiently.

So What Is Weaver’s Position Now?

Almost one year after the Kickstarter campaign for Mazemaster ended, the game is now in the Country and will shortly be prepped to post to the backers.

MM_box_front_culoare_3I am very excited to finally be in a position whereby I can send the game to all our backers, and am very grateful for the patience shown by everyone throughout the trials Weaver has gone through.

But next…

  • Its time to reactivate Social Media, and begin to drive the Weaver name
  • Its time to begin prepping further games for funding, and to use all that has been learned to not only get games funded, but utilise the experience and contacts gained to refine timeframes and get products from funding to inception faster than before.
  • Its time to Diversify, and show Weavers potential in producing other game formats, and other ways to enhance the gaming community (watch out for our collaborations)

Keep an eye out everyone, as Weaver will be appearing more and more in your news feed, and will keep you on hooked on our progress.


All The Best


Chris Roberts




Changes Changes Changes…..and a pleasant arrival.

So theres good news, and news that oozes with my frustration…

So, first the good news! we have now received the promo cards from Home Run Games, and they are as impressive as we had hoped. Please find below a picture of the cards on my dining room table (no these aren’t all of them, but only 100, 900 more sit beside me also).

photo (1)

The news of frustration, is regarding the manufacturing process. Over the past three weeks the manufacturers have requested multiple changes to the file format (such as requesting 4mm bleed edges rather than two). Accordingly we still do not have the game in our possession for approval. So, the next update will be the confirmation that no more changes are required and the first game is being made. The update after that will be confirmation of shipping, then confirmation that we have it, and what comes then will hopefully be the green light for mass manufacturing.

As our first product these delays are frustrating, but it is even more so important that you all get a high quality product, so bear with us as we push ahead.



Mazemaster is getting there!

So, where are we and how do we sit in terms of timeframes. We are behind schedule, and hands up this is completely down to myself forgetting to have a piece of artwork carried out – at the point we put it to the manufacturers I was like ‘hang on, we’re missing something…O (insert profanity).

So, timeframe wise for the game itself –  the first copies of Mazemaster for approval should be shipped to us in the next 25 days or so. At this time we will post photographs proving the games existence for one and all. No we will not play the game (that wouldn’t be fair)  – only gaze wondrously at it for a few moments before getting onto skype to the manufacturers to give the green light for mass production. Huzaa on that front.

As for the various other items:-

  • We have requested from HomeRunGames an invoice for the metal cards production and given the green light for manufacturing to commence as soon as the invoice has been paid.
  • The 3D printer is now on order and as soon as it has arrived. This printer has a resolution of 20 microns whereas we were initially expecting 50 microns. So, after testing out the mini’s we may be able to have additional detail added to them – it all depends on how good they look.
  • Gripmats are to be ordered as soon as we have final numbers. The final invoices for the gripmats were sent out last weekend. So, if you haven’t received yours please do check your junk mail and, if need be, we can send a further invoice if you cannot trace it.On that note, a few of you may have received invoices where you did not request additional components due to an issue with the export of the backer data to spreadsheet form. If you have received an invoice in error, of course please just disregard it.
As items start arriving we will be putting up photo’s showing our progress, and we look forward to getting the game to you all. It’s taking a little longer than we expected, but the wheels of progress grind on nicely.
On that note, we are pleased to show a couple of photographs of the promo cards that are now being shipped!
image (2)
image (1)
As always, if any  of you have any questions, please just drop us a line on Kickstarter or to chris.roberts@weaverproject.co.uk

3D Mini’s Update

Good progress is being made on the mini’s  -and here are the full renders for the three that have been completed so far. Only three to go, so watch this space.


The Viking…Front Viking_Back Viking_Left Viking_TopThe Knight

4Front 4Left 4top

The Good Mage…

Mage_front Mage_Left Mag_top


Of course once all the renders are complete, the next step is the fun of sourcing the best printer for our needs – I for one am looking forward to that!




MazeMaster Is Born

Funded_Banner1 728x90 mazemaster

Some of you may have read a similar post on the Kickstarter Page, but for those who haven’t – read away!

Well, it’s been a rollarcoaster of a six week campaign, and what a feeling it is to know that our game MazeMaster is to enter this world. But, not only will it just exist, but it will exist with vigor and make its mark on the gaming world. So, we’re going to get to work on the final logistics – turning those manufacturing quotes into orders, adding the stretch goals, getting those 3D renders done. Its’s going to be a busy time, and we’ll keep you updated of course – but any backer that wants a progress update, please do message us as well!.

Some backers have really got behind us – whether it be reviewing the game, making many useful comments, or throwing in their critique about the game – all of you have helped in making this campaign successful – you know who you are :-)

Some of you asked if you can get the add on’s later on as you couldn’t pledge for them at this time. Well, we intend to add a facility to add to your pledges on our website, and in due course once Mazemaster is out to the world, and we are looking to the next games, some add on’s will be available on our e-commerce facility. Of course, certain Kickstarter add ons will not be available in the future. The Metal promo’s will not be available again, and nor will the Firewalker Action Card – those are just for you guys.

Of course, along the way we have learnt lessons on what to do better next time, and have made many good contacts and like minded people in the last six weeks to ensure that Weaver Entertainment grows strong from hereonend, and we hope that backers will follow us as we grow, and be a part of that growth.

Over the next couple of days we shall be preparing the Backer surveys. Don’t forget these will ask a few questions, such as

  • Show us how you shared our campaign (for the Firewalker Card).
  • If you ordered less than the whole set of mini’s – what ones do you desire.
  • If you ordered a grip mat or mini mat, which design do you want.
  • Are there any additional ‘ad ons’ that you will require in the future (helps us with working out timings and ordering any extra stock we may initially need.

Once again, my thanks to all of you, and we can’t wait to hear from you with your comments on MazeMaster once you have played.

Chris Roberts and Trev Francis

The Weaver Team

Funded_Banner1 728x90 mazemaster


Final 24 Hours

With less than 24 hours to go, we’re pushing ahead with renewed momentum. with the introduction of 3D mini’s we have smashed through £11,000 and are set to reach even higher.

final_Banner1 300X250 mazemasterThis is your last chance to help us make Mazemaster as big as it can be. Earn that Firewalker Card and share about us, and lets see if we can get another item into the box before this day is through.


Anyone For 3D Champions

This is the simplest of polls for Kickstarter Backers. Those who desire to see a 3D Printed Champion in each copy of Mazemaster and would be happy to increase their pledge by £5 to receive said Champion should click yes. If we receive 100 yes’ votes then this will be added to the campaign as an add on.

The More champions you order, the more we can make of course:-

£5.00 for one Champion

£9.00 for two Champions

£12 for four champions

£15.00 for five champions



And here are three of the champion Concepts. No we haven’t put a good guy in yet, because that’s a surprise.

sketches for pawns01 (2)

Weaver Entertainment In The Press

Weaver Entertainment, and our endeavors with Maze Master have been the subject of Local Press coverage. The full article of the text can be found below, and on the Sevenoaks Chronicle website.


But before you read on, remember the competition to win a gripmat to go with your copy of Mazemaster. Full details can be found here. Good Luck

Promo pic wizard opens mountain01


On to the Article


A PAIR of Sevenoaks entrepreneurs are hoping to roll the dice and conquer the board games market.

Avid gamers Trevor Francis, 25, from Riverhead, and 26-year-old Chris Roberts, from Dunton Green, run a games development company and are set to release their first creation onto the market.

Weaver Entertainment, which was set up by the duo in 2011, currently has nine games at various stage of development, including one which is set to be released in June or early July.

Maze Master is a tactical card game in which players surpass obstacles such as stone, zombies and even physics as they attempt to find their way to the relic in the centre of the maze and return with it.

Chris, who lives on London Road, said: “Although Maze Master has been a trial to get off the ground we have enjoyed the process and are excited by the incredible response from the public so far.

“We have known from the beginning that our games are enjoyable, and feedback for them all has been very positive.

“However, it’s one thing having fun prototypes made of laminated paper and pieces made from whatever we could find and quite another making hundred of copies and distributing them across the country or even the globe.

“We believe fans will enjoy playing it as much as we have had designing it.”

The pair launched a campaign on fundraising website Kickstarter on January 31 with an aim to get the £6000 to begin manufacturing, but that target was broken in less than four days.

They are now hoping to exceed the current total of £9,000 by March 7 to add all the extra parts they wanted to add into the game but couldn’t due to the costs involved.

“It’s a very exciting time for us,” said Trevor, “and we’re really looking forward to seeing it on the market and in shops.

“We used Kickstarter to raise the money to get it off the ground and the response has been fantastic. We’ve had interest from all over England, Australia and America.

“There’s no limit to where we can bring Weaver Entertainment and we have a couple of games in development that we really believe in.”

“We are the first project from Sevenoaks to be successful on Kickstarter and nothing would make me happier than being able to raise the profile of Sevenoaks worldwide.”

For more information, or to pledge your support, search for Maze Master at http://www.kickstarter.com.